Ébano Sphynx

My passion has always been cats, this character so special and so unknown to many people. In 1999 i started to realize my dream, hosting a Persian, I always hadparticularly struck by her beauty, and this aspect of stuffed animals, and I startedwith the breeding of Persian, but as life takes many turns, appeared in my path the sphynx, cat totally different that had never struck me when I had my first contactwith them, sucunvi, captivated me, and I passionately, and I could not live without them.

They have a super special character, if cats are characterized by their “independent”, they quite the contrary, wherever you are, will, hopefully over you,they are very playful and active, closely resembles the character of dogs, are “catsdogs”. Then, in 2005, I decided I wanted to be breeding sphynx, in order to achieve better lines, and always taking into account the health of cats and breed with the best samples, to try to improve the breed, with much work and effort that I hope soon of its fruits.

The breeding of cats is not easy, I think overall good husbandry of any animal, whenever you want to make clear that the best way possible, is have a couple ofcats and put them together, we must take responsibility for many things, for thekittens to come, be beautiful, yes, that’s very important, but more importantly healthy.

Many people see the sphynx, like cats too sensitive by having no hair, and whoneed special care, from personal experience, cats are pretty strong and clear thatthey caree about different but not complicated, corresponding vaccines and cleaning as in any cat, but having no hair combs substitute for the baby wipes… and I will explain in detail what are the care of these kittens as wonderful.

Well I hope you enjoy my children, they are my passion.

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