Specific Sphynx Care

Specific Sphynx cares

Temperature: As they are hairless, they are always cold and always need high temperature, otherwise theyy could get cold. They are always warm andseek for the warmth of a blanket, on the top of a heather etc.

Food: Sphynx cats need to eat a lot in order to keet their temperature high. For this reason the food must be extra premium in order to supply the maximum of energy, as they loose a lot of warmth through theur skin.

Cleanliness: Each sphynx is different, some get dirtier then others. If we clean them on and on, the only thing that could happen is them getting even dirtier, as they generate more and more grease/sebuum, that’s a common error. In order to maintain them clean it’s enough to bath them every 4 or 5 weeks with a PH neuter bath gel and baby’s sponge and then use an aloe vera hydrating cream. We can use with more frequence alcohol free baby towels, so that the sking doesn’t get irritated. We must pay a special attention to their ears, as they get dirty constantely, and they need to be cleaned with special ears products and clean them inside carefully, not to harm them. The eyes need special care too. They must be cleaned when needed with baby towels too, but not every day. The claws normally get greasee to and must be cleaned with baby towels.

Each sphynx is different and you must pay attention of each individual needs.

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